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Esther Lehman writes about current events and the in-depth political situation in Israel in her efforts to educate people who do not have access to honest reporting. Her advantage is that she lives in Israel and experiences first hand the current situations and the daily effects on her life.

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Israel is a very interesting and beautiful country and home to many religions, you may have dreamt of coming to see the Holy Land. Esther hosts tours of all the educational, political and religious sites in Israel. Learn Krav Maga in a Tour & Train experience of a lifetime with Moshe Katz.

Visit Holyland Oils and to find gifts Anointing Oil, Oil of Gladness and Rose of Sharon.

To either book a tour, or speakers please contact us via the contact form below to schedule an engagement.

Reporting truths and facts from Israel, including current affairs, human interest stories, and history from sites in Israel. If you would like to learn more and receive our news reports please subscribe to our email list.

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