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Cheryl moved to Israel from California in 1999 where she delivered aid across Israel to various people groups in Israel. In 2001 Cheryl began working as the Middle East Correspondent in Israel for Bible Voice Broadcasting/High Adventure radio, Canada and for Radio Liberty, USA.

Cheryl has been a member of the International Press Association (IPA) since 2001. Her goal is to report the truth concerning Israel and the Middle East. She interviews Muslims, Jews, Government officials and experts across the Land, focusing on sending reports not seen or heard through Western Media.

In 2013, Cheryl married, she with her husband Len have joined efforts to bring truth from Israel to help educate and inform the West. They are both members of the International Press Association sending out articles and radio reports to various media outlets including Patriot Radio, USA Radio, Charisma Magazine, ICM News, IPA news and others. They also speak internationally concerning Israel and the Middle East through lectures and interviews with media outlets abroad.

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