Israel Updates Feb 21st 2017

Feb 21st 2017
News Briefs From Israel

Israel Updates

Feb 21st 2017

News Briefs From Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu met with US President Trump in Washington on 2/15/17, together they held a Press briefing.  Trump said, “I’m looking at 2-state and 1-state, and I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one that both parties like. I can live with either one.  I thought for a while the two-state looked like it may be the easier of the two.

But honestly, if Bibi (Netanyahu) and if the Palestinians (Abbas) – if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, I’m happy with the one they like the best.”  Essentially, Trump said that he would like for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to decide what they would like, and that he would support their choice.  Israel Journalist Hana Levi Julian wrote: “What most took away from the press conference was that Trump had effectively put Israel back in the driver’s seat when it comes to making peace in the Middle East. No more will Washington dictate to the Jewish state and impose detrimental ‘solutions’ that ultimately only serve American interests.” On the other hand, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) spokesperson, Al-Kidwah, equated President Trump’s remarks with an outright rejection of the peace process rather than the attempt to formulate a new approach. He told reporters in the PA government headquarters in Ramallah that the alternative is “painful bloodshed.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu says it is his faith and study of God’s Word that gives him strength to face the world. He paid a visit to the leaders of one of Israel’s most influential Jewish sects and asked them to pray for US President Donald Trump.
The renewed Sanhedrin (Jewish religious court) took delivery of 30 bottles of wine. It’s only with the rebirth of Israel as a nation state that wine is again being produced here.And it’s only recently that Israel’s wine industry has grown large enough for the Sanhedrin to find wine kosher enough to be used in the Temple that religious Jews hope will soon be rebuilt in Jerusalem.
Israel to Absorb Syrian Refugee Children – Israel has announced it will accept 100 Syrian children who were orphaned in the civil war across the northern border. The children will be integrated into Israeli Arab families with the status of temporary residents and will receive identity cards and passports. There is a possibility that immediate family members of the children will also be accepted if they are found alive, the site reported.
Chuck Norris was in Israel recently where he dined with Dore Gold, and met also with Prime Minister Netanyahu.  He was seen praying at the Western Wall, and touring the tunnels underneath. He made a statement that Netanyahu is a strong leader and one who loves his country. As most Israelis, will agree.
NFL Players Visit Israel and are Baptized in the Jordan River – Besides Site seeing the players held an exhibition match in Jerusalem with the Israeli Football team on February 18th.
Hamas Rejects Israel’s Offer Senior Hamas leader, on 2/17/07 rejected Defense Minister Liberman’s offer for an international airport, seaport, and industrial zone in Gaza if Hamas stops building terror tunnels into Israeli territory, stops firing rockets on southern Israel and returns the Israelis it is holding in Gaza.
ISIS terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula fired a number of missiles at the southern Israel town of Eilat last week.  Israel’s Iron Dome managed to intercept 3 of the missiles that were on target to hit the town.  ISIS has threatened to invest more of its resources in attacking Israel.
Israeli Forces Extract Jews From Their Homes Israeli forces carried out a government order to evacuate, forcibly if needed, the unauthorized Jewish settlement outpost of Amona.  Situated in Samaria. Amona was home to hundreds of religious Jews who felt they had a biblical mandate to resettle this particular part of the land.  But the government ultimately ruled that the community had been erected without proper authorization.
The last Israeli Government-authorized Jewish ‘settlement’ was 25 years ago with the establishment of Revava near the Samarian town of Ariel in 1991. Since then, Israel has complied with its peace process commitment to not construct any new settlements. (by: Netanyahu at his cabinet meeting)
US Jewish Communities Threatened – Another wave of false bomb threats were phoned into 11 Jewish community centers in several US States. No injuries were reported and leaders were urging their communities to return to their normal routines as quickly as possible once police had investigated the threats and declared the facilities to be safe.

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